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01 - Arrival on the farm

This place sure is strange... I woke up a few days ago in a place I don't recognize. I guess a couple running a farm took me in when one of their farmhands found me in their field... I don't remember how I ended up there though. They told me that's how it is for everyone.

Sounds a little off to me... People just suddenly appear here with total amnesia? ... But I don't have much else to go on and they've taken care of me so I believe them. They've been very kind and understanding with me.

I've noticed a few things since waking up though. I'm a little different than the people I've seen here so far (which is just the couple really)... My ears for one thing are different. And I have fangs and sharper nails that seem to grow out that way naturally. Dunno what that all means yet, but they tell me that some people eventually gain memories back over time. Until then, all I know is a name. My name I guess - Chrono.

In any case, today I'm heading into the town proper nearby because they tell me all new people have a free place to stay there and I don't want to impose more than I already have. Plus, they said the man who found me lives in town and I'd really like to thank him in person. They told me he came to check on me before I woke up even too. So, ah, Mr. Cloud? Hopefully I can find you once I arrive.

Guess it's time to say thank you, goodbye and head out to the Ari Apartments, my new home from today on... 

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There's lots of guys here who are weird. We all come from different worlds.

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Ahaha, I didn't say I thought I was weird >.>;;

You pretty much just did though ^^;;

So no one who wakes up here without memories is actually from here? Whoever brought us all here sure went to a lot of trouble...

Does anyone know why they ended up here?

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Eh? But you have weird ears and stuff.

I don't think so. There are people from here, but I think they have all their memories ... I guess. I didn't ask.

No, we're still trying to figure that out!

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Well, that doesn't make me weird, just different! Besides, Cloud told me there is someone else with ears like mine around here... >.>;

Huh... so no one even knows why we are brought here and have no memories? do we know that we aren't all just dead or something?

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Maybe they're from your world!

I don't think so. If anyone does and they're not telling everybody then I'll kick their ass!!

Eeehh??? I'm alive! I'm not a ghost or anything!

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Ahahaha, I guess that's true. A ghost wouldn't be so loud. XD

So, my name's Chrono. What's yours? ^.^

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Eh? >(

I'm Naruto. I'm the boss around here! Don't forget it!

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The boss? Hmmmmmm....

Sure, like I believe that XD

Well, it's nice to meet you, Naruto. Maybe you could help me with something then, since you're in charge and all, huh?

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Hehehe. ^_^

What do you need to know? I know a lot!

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What would you recommend doing around here? Since I don't think just sitting around waiting for something to happen is very productive.

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Lots of people get jobs so they can buy new clothes and eat out, and they make friends, get pets and lots of stuff! You can explore anyplace you want around here, too! Lots of people have gone on adventures. ^_^

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Ahaha, it sounds like there's at least something to do then, that's good to hear. A job might be a good idea if I'm going to need anything else while I'm here. Thanks.

You say people have gone on adventures, huh? Like what?

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Yeah, Ginko-sensei and Rukia-chan both went on an adventure for a whole month! They explored the parts of this place where no one lives. I'm going to explore soon, too!

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Are those people's names? Gin-ko-sen-sei? Ru-ki-a-chan? Pretty weird names...

Ahahah! You are, eh? You sure sound enthusiastic. Are you going out to look at different parts of the island then? This is an island right? I think they mentioned that to me at the farm.

I wonder what else is on this island if this is the only town...

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I think it's an island, but yeah! I'm gonna look at the whole thing! I'm gonna discover something great! I bet there's lots of cool stuff out there!

I heard people say there are monsters and stuff. They just built a place you can sleep over up in the mountains. There are hot springs up there, which is water that's really warm without being heated at all! That's how it comes out of the ground!

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I'm sure you will find something incredible out there and then you can come back to tell everyone about it, right? ....

Ah, though be careful about those monster stories. You never know in a place people just appear in from other worlds, right? XD;

Hotsprings up in the mountains? Wow, that sounds pretty pricey. How far away is that? The mountains I mean.

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I think there are probably monsters, but I'm not worried because I can beat them up!

Yeah, you have to have money to stay there. It's kinda far! They have this big thing that carries people to it and it takes a long time, but I can run faster than it. Maybe you can, too!

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Big thing that carries people to it? >.>;

So, you can run pretty fast? And you think I can too? How come? I don't feel like I can run too much faster than anyone else, at least.

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Yeah ... it's really big and it's hollow and inside people sit in a lot of seats. I forget what it's called, but it's so people don't have to walk all the way there.

Yeah, I can run really fast! I don't know if you can, but some people can run even faster than me here so maybe you can. But maybe you just look strong but really aren't.

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Sounds like a car or bus or something, that would at least make sense.

... I look strong? o.0; I uh... thanks! Ahahahaha! Maybe I am ^.^

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Eh? A car or bus? So you recognize something like that?

I could still beat you up, I bet!

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Well way to set a person up and knock em down, kid >.>:;

Ahahah.... ah, I'm... uh sure you could.

But yeah, that sounds like a bus or something to me. You don't know what a car or bus is?

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No. There's lots of stuff I recognize and sometimes people don't know what it is. I guess it's the same for this. I don't think my world had stuff like a bus. You can tell sometimes what the world you came from is like.

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Ahh, that makes a lot of sense. We can figure out little things about the worlds we came from because of what we already know when we get here. That's a pretty good connection there, Naruto! ^.^

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Hehe, I figured it out when Rosette was sick. I brought her soup but she didn't even know what chopsticks are!! I thought everyone would know ... and now with the bus thing. That's probably it!

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