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01 - Arrival on the farm

This place sure is strange... I woke up a few days ago in a place I don't recognize. I guess a couple running a farm took me in when one of their farmhands found me in their field... I don't remember how I ended up there though. They told me that's how it is for everyone.

Sounds a little off to me... People just suddenly appear here with total amnesia? ... But I don't have much else to go on and they've taken care of me so I believe them. They've been very kind and understanding with me.

I've noticed a few things since waking up though. I'm a little different than the people I've seen here so far (which is just the couple really)... My ears for one thing are different. And I have fangs and sharper nails that seem to grow out that way naturally. Dunno what that all means yet, but they tell me that some people eventually gain memories back over time. Until then, all I know is a name. My name I guess - Chrono.

In any case, today I'm heading into the town proper nearby because they tell me all new people have a free place to stay there and I don't want to impose more than I already have. Plus, they said the man who found me lives in town and I'd really like to thank him in person. They told me he came to check on me before I woke up even too. So, ah, Mr. Cloud? Hopefully I can find you once I arrive.

Guess it's time to say thank you, goodbye and head out to the Ari Apartments, my new home from today on... 

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I do? >.>;

That, uh... a good thing or bad thing...

*wary of this guy, but isn't sure why... something about him is different than other people he's met so far*

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Perhaps not so much unique as... somewhat familiar.

Not quite the same, but not so different it isn't strikingly obvious.

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... familiar?

*is that what this feeling was?*

What do you mean by that? You think we come from the same place...? *glances at the man's ears, curious if this was who Cloud was talking about*

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Just because you have a similar smell and feel about you doesn't necessarily mean we're from the same place, now. For instance, many of the people here smell similar and produce a strikingly similar aura, but they're simply all human, after all. A lot of humans here come from different places.

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That makes sense, I guess...

So... you think I might be something similar to you then? *still very wary* What would that be then?

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Well surely you can't possibly think you're human, memory loss or not. What do the signs point to? Can't you tell?

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Well, I know I'm not the same as the other people I've met, yeah. *makes a face, vaguely insulted by the implications that he didn't see that much*

I don't have a point of reference to really compare to, so I don't know what else I could be. I mean, there's demons and ghosts and zombies and monsters and.... all that stuff! How am I supposed to know?

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Well come on, which of your examples do you think your attributes fit most, then?

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.... *thinks for a few minutes*

I'd suppose a vampire or a demon, but I've been out during the day not to mention I'm hungry and it's not for blood >.>;; and I'm a little small for a demon, don't you think? Besides, *pats around his head* I don't have any horns or anything.

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Is there a rule that all demons have horns? I must've missed it. *Taps his chin thoughtfully*

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.... they don't? I thought they did... *frowns, not so sure now*

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Well I certainly don't have any, unless they're hiding somewhere.

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So you are a demon then?

I could have sworn... But now I'm not sure. I thought maybe this was like something someone else I'd met told me - that the things we know already when we arrive give us clues to our worlds... But now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure that demons all have horns. *shakes head* I just can't remember or put my finger on it for certain.

... Can you tell for certain I'm a demon then or are you guessing based on how I feel to you?

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It's obvious to me you're no human, and while I've been here I've smelled both vampire and ghost, and you're certainly neither of those. My senses are rather keen, even if your power feels rather...subdued.

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*the boy frowned slightly, not liking how the other had said that, no matter what truth it may have held*

Well... I guess I won't know for sure what the circumstances are until I remember it myself.

*pauses* So there are vampires and ghosts and things like that around here too then?

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In time, child, in time.

Vampires... a few. Ghosts... perhaps something similar but not quite the same.

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... I see.

......... *considers this guy to still be suspicious and feels he should stay wary around, but still...* Thanks. For letting me know what I most likely am, I mean. If I'm not, then at least I have a few things figured out from it anyway.

So thanks... *stops realizing he never asked the other their name*

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*Fills in the blank for him* Makura, though some from what I recall address me as "Child of the Phoenix". And you're Chrono, I read.

There are many interesting people here. It seems that every time I'm out I find something new.

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*blinks a few times* Phoenix....?

But I thought you just said --

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Do I look like a bird to you? Phoenix demon, child.

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*condescending phoenix demon at that too, he added mentally*

Do you keep to yourself a lot then? Away from the people here in town? *had noted the "every time I'm out" and somehow the thought of Makura keeping to himself pretty often was a little bit of a relief*

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Unlike my shadowed counterpart I prefer to mingle rather than kill to entertain myself.

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...... *stares at him a few moment, definitely ill-at-ease now*

Shadowed... counterpart? *that seemed the safer to ask about, but it was the less concerned part as well*

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Oh, yes, he's got a foul temper, my host. Picks fights constantly and cares for nobody.

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*blinks a few times, trying to keep up without all the information* So... you are a demon, but... that isn't your body...?