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Birthdate:Sep 30
Name: Yuri, Yuriko, Chiba Yuriko

Personal LJ:chiba_yuriko

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AIM: Chiba Yuriko
MSN: icy_lily [at]
Email: wagamama.puu [at]

Character Name: Chrono

Character Series: Chrono Crusade (Chrno Crusade), using the anime canon with bits of the manga background that fit in.

Age: He's a demon, it's kind of hard to tell. But he's teens/youngish for a demon of his type. He appears in his adult form to be early twenties in age and in his child form he appears to be around 12.


Chrono was always hesitant about following Aion's plans, but he went along with them anyway since he trusted in his friend and wanted a better life. He was a rather despondant looking demon in his flashbacks. Even after he agreed to dedicate himself to their dream, he still seemed to hold reservations. It is when Aion and the others were being attacked that he seemed to throw his all into it, killing many demons in the name of that revolution gaining him a sort of infamy in the demon circles. Chrono of the broken horns, Sinner, The Slayer of One Hundred, and such. After the initial battle and their subsequent hiding, Chrono still seemed to waver. And it was Magdalene that saw this more clearly than any, even telling him that his hesitation to hurt others would destroy all the Sinners had been working for. It was the truth as well. He was the type of person who was following Aion out of trust for something better and because he was lost, having no reason to fight for anything else. So he fought for what Aion believed in. After Magdalene died however, the demon seemed to just want to waste his remaining days away in her tomb with her. It wasn't until Rosette and Joshua found him and woke him that he found something new to believe in himself. In them, he found a beauty only to be found in human's and when Aion threatened his new happiness, he swore to protect it. This time even if it meant fighting. He wouldn't hesitate for this dream. As the two search for Joshua, Chrono sticks by Rosette's side through thick and thin. While she never regrets and hates to wait, he seems to always have a lingering doubt in his mind, even years later not sure if he did the right thing by making his contract with Rosette (a sentiment that when expressed generally gets him scolded or hit or both). The two have a relationship that is both teasing and supportive. They pick on one another but also stand by one another. I wouldn't say it's an entirely equal thing though as Chrono knows what Rosette has been through while Chrono divulges very little of his time before having met her. He tends to try and keep his own pain to himself. After all they go through, in the end he still felt as if Aion was his burden and his alone to bear, always having carried guilt over what his former friend had done to Rosette's brother amongst others in his ambitions (ones Chrono still remembers having held himself). Chrono, between the two partners, tends to be the more levelheaded and has more common sense, but if Rosette gets hurt, that goes right out the window and he can lose his temper rather quickly and dangerously, straining the seal on the watch entirely on his own in his rage without her consent to open it. However this is quickly settled once he realizes Rosette's safe or fine once again. Very much she has become Chrono's reason to live as well as his means to doing so and he holds her very dear. Actually, in general he is very fiercely protective of those he cares about now a days. He's a rather kind person to anyone he meets, even if they seem less than happy to meet him (such as Satella) and is patient with those who regard him as what he is rather than who he is first.

Item Lost: (Or unrecoverable memory, for those without precious items.) His true (adult) form.
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